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METANANO 2019 - special session “NanoPhoNonics and Acoustic Metamaterials”

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METANANO 2019 - special session “NanoPhoNonics and Acoustic Metamaterials” Empty METANANO 2019 - special session “NanoPhoNonics and Acoustic Metamaterials”

Post by Melanie.GarciaVillar on Tue Dec 11 2018, 11:28

Special session on phonons and acoustic metamaterials

A special Session “NanoPhoNonics and Acoustic Metamaterials” is organized in the frame of International Conference “METANANO” ( held in 15-19 July 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The session is aiming to bring together the researchers who are involved in the studies of vibrations in nanostructures including nanoparticles, biological nanoobjects (e.g. single cells), two-dimensional layers (e.g. graphene), and complex electronic and optical nanodevices, as well as those involved in the studies of elastic/acoustic waves in metamaterials including hot-topics such as bio-inspired metamaterials, acoustic energy harvesting, tunable acoustic perfect absorbers, acoustic diode, and slow sound. The main goals of the session are to promote the recent breakthrough and hot-topics between these two communities and, more broadly, to share them with the Photonics and Plasmonics community as electromagnetic and acoustic/elastic waves are part of the same research field of wave physics. Inspiring new ideas fed by this gathering would be a great success for the session. The specific fields presented in the proposed session include: coherent phonons and picosecond acoustics; nanomechanics and optomechanics; quantum phononics and interaction of phonons with photons; magneto-acoustics; phononic crystals; acoustic perfect absorption or transmission; nonreciprocal acoustic transmission; metasurfaces; bio-inspired metamaterials; etc. The session will include two slots, one keynote lecture and 5 invited talks. The tight schedule between ICPPP and Metanano 2019 should be really favorable for the ICPPP’s attendees to make their trip to St. Petersburg simple and attractive.



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